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Default Friction Drive In The Rain

I've had my friction drive attached to my older motor for three days. On two of those days there has been rain or wet pavement. This morning I used it to go to work. Since I knew the drive roller wouldn't get a good grip I left my home early. I still used the friction drive but I just used very little throttle. My speed was just about the same as if I were pedaling the bicycle without a motor kit.

An interesting thing about this days trip was it used just as much fuel as if I were going full speed.

Friction drive kits can be used in the rain if the roller is clamped against the wheel tighter and if the rider is willing to go much slower. I got to work on time and without being sweaty because I used the moped.

I have a good ear for sound and can tell when the drive roller slips. To prevent this I always pedal at starts and on hills and very gradually apply more gas. So far its working OK.

There is more rain forecast every day until Monday. This is very unusual for the very dry state of Montana. Maybe this is the universes way of telling me to take it easy with the friction drive kit.

Anybody here have experience using a Staton-Inc. friction drive kit? What did you think of it and did you use it in the rain too?


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