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Default Just got it running, a few thoughts

Just got my bicycle running, and it is sweet. Definitely worth it.

That said, I had a few questions for those of you who have had yours for awhile.

First, the chain keeps falling off. I'm pretty sure that the tension is right, and I've tried it with various levels of tension and even at the "ideal" one it falls off a bit. The tensioner isn't at the proper angle (the V-shaped nature of my rear fork.. the tensioner is parallel with teh fork, and not perfectly parallel with the chain). I'm sure some of you have had that issue before... think that's my problem? How did you fix it?

Also, my sprocket isn't perfectly lined up with the drive gear on the motor. It seems pretty close, but this might be causing the problem. However, I can't think of any way to make it closer to the wheel, aside from removign the outer rubber thing that connects it to the spokes, and I dont' see that being good.

Any input is appreciated. I'm sure everything's fine, just tuning is needed.

Second, the killswitch sucks.

Third, the chain makes a lot of noise. At the motor. That normal?

Fourth, when I push in the clutch, it seems like it isn't 100% disengaged. That is, if I put in the clutch, lift up the bike, and spin the rear wheel, I can hear a faint brushing inside the clutch assembly. I did mess with the flower nut on the clutch and this makes me think I need to adjust the clutch. Would I unscrew it here? Or is this just normal? Seems like the clutch lever doesn't move very far.
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