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I've used the Bell inner tubes made of a thick piece of foam. Perhaps that is what is being discussed here. These tubes are perfect for my moped because in the cold Montana winter there is no way I could repair a flat tire while on the road. My fingers wouldn't work very well in such cold. Even at 32 F my fingers don't work that well.

When I had the Golden Eagle kit on the bicycle it would take too many tools to remove the mount and the basket mounted around it (for camouflage). It always took at least a half an hour to remove the wheel and do a repair. With the flat proof inner tubes there is no chance for a flat tire.

They do feel much stiffer than pneumatic tires. I recommend that anybody on a bicycle without a rear suspension, that isn't a recumbent, buy a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seat post. I love having mine. Unfortunately with my new friction kit it won't work because the kit is too close to the saddle. It won't allow the Thudbuster to move through its full range. I now must find a good spring saddle.

I weight just about 140 pounds fully dressed and add about ten to fifteen pounds to that with my motorcycle jacket, helmet, and back pack. I don't think my weight would cause a rim to have any problems. My front wheel is operating just fine with the foam inner tube. My old rear wheel kept breaking spokes due to the Golden Eagle spoke mounted drive pulley. Only spokes attached to the pulley ever broke.


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