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Default Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?

Aluminum versus Steel (alloys) frames on a motorbike?

IMHO : They are both practically equal in basic material pros and cons for the average bicycle.

I have seen many changes over the years in bicycle frames.
The basic Al versus Fe (Chromoly included) debate still boils down to the effect on the bikes overall weight, and overall frame strength per weight.

More important than a bike being Aluminum or Ferrous Alloy (aka steels) is the joinery, the geometry, the metal gauge thickness.

In other words, it is how good the "welds" or joining of the tubes are {butting-epoxying, gauge thickness, etc}; and how well those tubes are designed to work as intended on the bike.
The Aluminum's can match or better the specs needed for your motorized bicycle ride because of the old "power to weight" thing about pedaling (or motoring).
BUT the design FASHION in bike makers seem to make a bike on what the public thinks they need. Currently lightweight aluminum for Dick and Jane riders is the flavor that balances manufacturing cost, and what the Maomart shoppers will pay. Rust prone steels fall out of favor, Cromoly has a price that is often above aluminum to manufacture.

My vote is not on the material, but how it is put together, and how well it is designed to do the job.

I currently rig an electrified cross-bike, I watch the welds every time I ride cause that is where I think I need to check.

Summary: for most average bikes, my opinion is too LQQK closely at the joints/welds, look at the frames overall geometry (tube placements, thickness), see how the bike maker thinks that frames -front forks-rear bars are planned to work while you ride.

For instance: some of you know , but others may be entertained to know: that a girls bike frame is historically weaker than the frame on a mans bike. Easier to swing a skirt thru that open area, but weak basic "U" design compared to the mens' historical diamond shape. BUT that was way back when womenfolk's were normally lighter in weight than the males.
But then again?

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