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Default Re: Roadie Build

I mean no disrespect by this question: Are you turning off the starting choke/ enrichner after the engine is warmed up?
Judging by the symptoms you described, you still have a fuel delivery problem.
All indications point to too much fuel, a rich mixture.
What color is the spark plug?
White to light tan = too lean, not enough fuel.
Medium tan to dark brown = perfect.
Black = too rich.
The ideal color is the color of milk chocolate.

My next guess would be that the fuel level is set too high in the float bowl.
You can easily adjust this by carefully bending the two arms on the float/ valve fork
down, away from the carburetor body, just a teeny bit; equal on both sides as best as you can. It does not take much bending to do it and you are better off to sneak up on the ideal setting by doing it a few times then going too far the first time.
My best guesstimation is you need it 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch lower, but you will have to determine this yourself.
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