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Default Guys At Work Mad At Me ???

OK we were at work during break cpl days ago.... and ofcorse some one started talking about gas prices,,,, my trk cost 75 to fill up .... well my car takes 65 .... ect ect .... so you know i jus had to say some thing .... so as serious as i could i said " yea with the prices going up im really going to hate to buy a second gallon of gas in a few days " .... i got a lot of KISS MY A$$ ... but every one got a good laugh out of it .... the one guy asked me how much gas i used so far.. ( i been ridding it to work for 3 weeks now ) i told him i was telling the truth about the second gallon,,, im still on my first gallon of fuel... and i got a kiss my a$$ again .... some of the guys are rethinking the bike thing when i told them that .... ever one at work get a big grin every morning when i pull up on my bike .... some of the guys that live clos are really asking questions... hmmm maybe ill have company soon,,,, yall be good ......
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