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Default Re: Am I looking for the right things here?

Originally Posted by DeadmanWonderland View Post
Opinions are highly welcome! lol I'm trying to get enough information to improve the selection I have. I looked around and it seems there's not a single post explaining the technical stuff on MB's. The ultimate go-to guide I mean. I have no idea about the whole sprockets thing but from what I could sort of tell it modifies so the bike can run faster?

hm I might need to learn a little more about the 2-strokes than what I got form the forums.
This forum is loaded with how to information. Do some research here and as has been suggested, ask specific questions. For example "the whole sprockets thing".. what do you mean? Sprocket sizes or the sprocket adapter from Creative Engineering? Shift kit sprockets? Without good questions you can't get good answers. It's like someone stopping me on the side of the road all excited about my bike and wants to know in one minute how they can build one just like it. Where to begin? That said, you're in for a fun ride and I welcome you to the forum.
Here's a suggestion. Create a few folders on your desktop and label them into categories of interest to you. When you read a thread with information you want to remember paste it into the file folders. Maybe one for lighting another for engine mounting and so on.
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