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Default Re: Silence my bike

Barely awake's answers are very good. A LOT of noise comes out of the intake tract- 2 or 4 stroke.
All cars from the factory have an air box with a small snout coming out of it to kill the noise. I believe it is called a Helmholtz chamber (something like that).

Look at a factory moped exhaust. Very long, and long silencing area too.
Running dual mufflers helps. Years ago I ran 2 glaspacks (one in the center of the car and one in the rear)- straight thru, but I was surprised at how quiet it was- not at all like using one of them. Same principle- the more mufflering-the better.

What Silver Bear said. When I would make comments on the Turbo forum to the new guys, I stressed having a quiet exhaust will let you hear the engine and any strange noise BEFORE it self destructs.
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