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Default Re: Silence my bike

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Also elsewhere, I forget who, built a silencer thing for the air intake. Some noise does escape from there but I dunno if it would be worth it for you.
That was prolly lil ol' me Dan Remote Intake

While I did build it with better filtering in mind (dusty/mucky off-road use) it did actually serve to help quiet the engine noticeably - at WOT in particular. Intake silencers are actually fairly common on 2 stroke ultralight engines, more common than ya might think even on 2 stroke dirtbikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc. as the airbox is often designed as a silencer as well.

Granted - an airbox alone wont turn yer screamin' 2smoker into a stealth mobile, but it's the cumulative effect of all the above mods that gets ya there
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