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Default Re: solid inner tube and the results of

Originally Posted by upsrogue View Post
You guys said this might happen and I said to myself "no way" YES WAY.
I was tootin down the road last week and hit a pot-hole in the road not a big one and I was going maybe 10 mph all of the sudden everything stopped using no brakes I looked down at the rear wheel and it looked like a truck ran over it, I guess the rim was telling me NO MORE!!.
I ended up buying a Roadmaster bike for $30 instead of buying a rear rim, its a 2nd build and I like it much better, the engine even runs 50 times better and all I did was switch it to the Roadmaster frame nothing else.
I discovered solid rubber tubes quite by accident & having had innunerable flats here in Az. I got 2 of them immediately. I weigh 225lbs & put a real strain on any wheel, tire or tube. At this time I had yet to discover motorized bicycles so I was on a mtn bike with pedal power. With pneumatic tires filled to the proper inflation pressure I knew when I ran over a cigarette butt. With the solid tubes I could tell which brand. Otherwise, not that much difference. I don't jump curbs & I avoid potholes of any significance. I have been using solid tubes for over a year now with no flats or wheel problems. I just finished my 3rd build & I am putting solid tubes in it.
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