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Default Re: Blow By U First Production Build Felt Twin

Originally Posted by Terry Blow View Post
I have been doing this kind of work since junior high and if you watched the whole video you would have heard me talking about that very thing. The reason why I did not need to do that is the metal is less than 1/8 aluminum and after 3 turns the tap is already though and the rest is just cleaning the threads. So with that said if you are going to spout off make sure you actually know what you are talking about other wise keep your mouth shut. But thanks for coming on my thread and showing every one what you realy know NOTHING.
I apologize Sir, for not watching your entire spellbinding video aand my scathing accusation. I do however know quite a bit about many things. Perhaps we should both step back and take our collective feet out of our mouths and act like Gentlemen?

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