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Default Re: First motor'd bike, what ya think?

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
If it's an older huffy the head badge will say USA and if newer, Made In China. Either way pay close attention to how well the fenders are attached. There are threads here regarding dangers and fixes associated with fender mounts breaking, something you do not want to experience. It sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what these are about and the right attitude about fixing what goes wrong. Lotsa fun is coming your way. Good to see a helmet hanging there.
Thanks for all the info... I'll do a quick search later about the fenders and different ways to mount them.... and I'm in the Navy, so wearing PPE is pretty well ingrained... besides, I'm ugly enough, I don't need a shaved head with staples in it and hamburger-face. I look enough like Frankenstein already :P

Also, would anyone have any recommendations on a carb for this motor? I've decided that I want a little more kick. I think later I'm going to remove the head gasket and take some fine lapping compound to the mating surfaces, then seal it back together with some high-temp silver I have lying around. I think it'd be a nice little bump in compression on the cheap.

Oh, as for the chain tensioner- I'm making myself an autotensioner at work in the next few days... I need to hunt down some parts. If I can't, I'll just use this tensioner and cannibalize an old B18 timing belt tensioner I found in my closet for parts. I have a newer Honda now, so I don't really need all the old junk in my closet anymore. Might as well use it for something, right?
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