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Originally Posted by targetdg15 View Post
Well one of the odd jobs I do is paper delivery. I want a silent engine so im not waking up my tends to lower tips
LOL, I bet. Not only tips but folks will start throwing stuff.

Really good advice so far.

Ever see/hear a fork lift? They have huge mufflers and ya can barley hear them. Could put a large repository sort of thing at the exhaust end. I have experimented with radiator hose as piping. Before the actual muffler, gives you a thump-thump sound (really, really cool sound) but melts if to close to the engine. After the muffler, dampens sound great but I have yet to run it into a larger muffler that would silence it all together (almost and so far just in theory) and not add any restriction. Really did get the idea from fork lifts.

The goal being the exhaust get out of the way of the next stroke as fast and smooth as possible then breaking up the sound waves before releasing sort of deal.

Also elsewhere, I forget who, built a silencer thing for the air intake. Some noise does escape from there but I dunno if it would be worth it for you.

Just my thunks on this. If ever I get around to finishing the "Mega-Muffler' will post. Should work but I always think that, snork.

Pleas post what ever you try. This question comes up a lot and you will be helping lots of folks.

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