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Talking Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Null vote

I honestly think it's six of one & 1/2 a dozen of the other lol - it's all about application *shrug*

If ya want simplicity of build and easy of modification - it's defo the steel. If you want absolutely every last bit of performance out of these engines - it's gotta be the aluminum.

Every ounce counts, but it's true aluminum needs a touch more attention paid to construction techniques
I went on an tour at Reynolds aluminum years ago. And I saw an race car that was awesome ! It was an Shelby I think. I don’t think aluminum is not a very good engine. But I will say the quality of things we buy now are ‘junky’ and poorly made. When we drink water from our tap’s we have either copper or pex . I have pex and love it! don’t worry so much about winter freeze up and soldering . I bet they slip tin in the mix of copper since it is scarce. I have an cage around my out door central air so my copper wont get ripped off , sad huh? But I love my ‘ next: bicycle and would take nothing else , for this wally world bike ! It is Premiere 6061 aluminum. A word of caution about wall mart bikes. They are nice for the poor folks and are nice. But a lot of the rims are either bent or warped or something : ‘do I have an witness‘?
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