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Default Re: What kind of bike do you ride and why?

Like Dan I like the old cruisers. My preference is for fifties and older balloon tire bikes for the same reasons. Strong frames, good ride, usually plenty of room for the motor, lots of classy style. The ones I like best have the horizontal dropouts so no chain tensioner is needed. I also like rear drop stands. I like riding in an upright position and value a comfortable seat. Fat boy tires are good. Some of my favorites are a 50 Schwinn Panther and three 1930's Elgins. I've had a couple 63 Schwinn Americans which were technically middleweights, but were well made bikes. With new heavy duty rims and fat tires they are just as well made as the older ones. If it's going to get a motor I want a classy old cruiser to mount it in.
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