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Default Re: whats the CHEAPEST kit you can buy?

A few thoughts on this subject. I'm always counting pennies so for several engines went with boygofast on ebay. I don't think his were the losers or returns and for the most part I had good luck until the last one which was an automatic. I first had to repair the pull start which came apart after maybe three pulls, then had a lot of trouble trying to get it going due to the fact that the CDI unit was no good, once going I rode it for twenty feet when the engine stopped engaging with the clutch. I don't speak Chinglish, so there were many communication problems and delays with the seller. He did try to work with me and did send a new CDI unit, but really the motor was a dud. So who's to blame? I picked that seller because I'd had good luck playing the odds in the past and minor problems he took care of. Shipping was always fast and so long as I treated the seller with respect and courtesy he did the same with me. In the end I have to blame myself for not picking one of our sponsors here who cost more, but also stand behind their products (at least some I know of do...Dax for one, SBP, Pirate cycles, Creative Engineering)... always easy to communicate with and people who are also members of this forum and dedicated to motorcbicycling. If I had bought that same engine from someone here I think my chances would have been good of being told to just send it back and another will be coming in the mail to replace it. Not only do they care, but also value their reputation here. But think about it. How can I expect the BGF seller to replace a whole motor when I have chosen the cheapest kit with shipping I could find? His profit margin has to be lower than that of the vendors here, so his loss if he has to return a motor is greater. I think BGF tries to give pretty good customer service, but profit is the bottom line and the last thing he can afford to do is return the whole kit. It is not going to happen. I think if it had been Dax or Justin at POirate they would have said, " apologies, a new motor is on the way." In the end it is good advertising for Dax or Pirate (or any of the other vendors here I have heard good things about, but lack direct experience with) and who have fixed their prices so they can give better customer service. So, you have to ask yourself what "cheapest kit" means? My last motor from BGF cost $160.00 including shipping (pull start automatic 2 stroke), but I was never able to use it. No automatic parts were available to repair it. I negotiated for parts to switch it to manual which would have eventually set things right (at least more right), but the engine was lost in a fire before that repair could be made. Even so, many hours went into that engine with nothing to show for it. And I paid shipping for parts totaling about $16.00. So now my motor cost over $175.00. Was it cheap? It was cheaply made, but expensive actually. From now on, I will buy from one of the vendors here who support this forum and help to make all of the great information available to people like you and me. You might be lucky with the cheapest you can find. But what if you aren't?
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