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Default Question for the Electric Motor Wizards - Motor Direction

Yes this is a GAS MOTOR question, please don't mistake it and move it to the electric motor section.

What exactly specifies the direction in which a motor will turn? And for that matter, if using the motor as a generator, must the motor spin in the same direction, the opposite direction, or either direction?

Trying to plan out the creation of a double-use motor. That is, an electric starter (by extending the shaft for the magneto, running a pully or sprocket and connecting the electric motor in front of or above the gas motor) & electric generator. Cub Cadet made it work (though they say it takes quite awhile to charge a battery), so why can't we?

I know a 12v cordless drill will turn over a 20-30ish cc motor as that's how I used to start my weed whacker. Thinking about picking up a junk cordless at the flea market on Sunday to attempt this with, but I don't know how it will fare with a motor of this compression.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Thought of an even more stupid question. Can a cordless drill charge itself? (given that something else, in this case a gas motor, rotates its engine & some other circuity is involved).

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