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Well.. I tried something new. I was never sure if I had the filter in right or if it made a difference, but this morning I turned the filter around. Now the filter fills up with fuel the way I imagine it should work. Yesterday my bike was not starting because of what I thought was a dirty tank. That might still be the issue but I wanted to add this in case it rang any bells with anyone. Yesterday my bike would not start at all unless I used the choke... then it would run for about 30 seconds then die. Since I switched the filter around, I can get it started without using the choke but it won't stay running. It begins cutting out after about 20 seconds. If I go to 1/4 turn on the throttle it "tries" to run but if I give it more it acts like it's flooding out.

I haven't taken off the float on the carburetor yet because I lost my one and only Phillips screwdriver yesterday. Have to buy another. There is gas backed up on the "top" side of the fuel filter and gas backed up on the carburetor side of the fuel filter (if that helps). Guess I will have to wait until I get me a screwdriver to know if the carb is ok or not. Just thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone had any thoughts about this.

Thanks everyone...
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