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Default Re: Am I looking for the right things here?

lol yes there are definitely other reasons, I've heard they last a lot longer and have the ability to run long distances [I like to explore the area alot I might get a camera and just upload vids of the area I go through once I build this] . I plan to build this to be durable. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that. So far, most of what I know now I searched through here and google on my free time. I'm pretty new lol

Alright, I might pass on the shift kit for now since its not totally necessary.

I'll definitely pool for that adapter, The monkey lights fit onto the spokes. This will definitely cause a problem if the rim is bend, the balance would be all off.

That backroller is just wow. I'll definately look into this one. This is probably what I'm going to get. 2 12 packs and 2 jugs of milk? Crazy!

Well at first I was going to opt for a set up fast enough to compete at the Death Race [one of the few things that got me interested in trying this out] I'm thinking something between 30-40 mph it'd be kinda pointless to push over 40 [I heard 'anything faster than that just get a motorcycle' around here] Somehow it seems to take away the charm of the hobby if that makes any sense [probably doesnt lol] Anyway what I might do is build everything stock then just buy a race engine for death race and other events should they arise. I'm perfectly fine with stock at the moment since I haven't ridden one yet. There are a few areas where I'm at that have slopes, I'm going to triple check this a few times since I really don't want to damage the lights.

I do tend to have a bit of leisure travel at night to visit friends and stuff. Thank you for telling me about NiteRider . Pretty ideal lights, the life cycle per charge is reasonable.

Extremely helpful

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