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Default Re: Ideal combination?

rkw, from another old guy, my pick was a single speed, steel frame Schwinn Delmar Cruiser. Unless you plan to do some pedaling with the clutch disengaged, I don't see the need for a multispeed bike.

I had two issues with the cruiser bike, both have been addressed elsewhere in the forum. (1) the lower tube, or downtube is a larger diameter, so the front mount on the engine didn't fit. I took the hard way, and made a "saddle clamp" from a piece of steel pipe sawed down the middle, with a piece of 1 1/2" flat bar bent and welded to the saddle clamp, and welded to another piece of flat steel which was drilled and bolted to the front engine mount. Others, smarter than me, have used an auto muffler clamp and a little welding. (2) The coaster brake dust cover on the cruiser didn't fit through the hole in the drive sprocket. I used a piece of 1/8" aluminum cut from a piece of scrap. sawed, rasped and drilled to fit. Elsewhere on the forum, there's a "coaster brake dust cap mod", where the original dust cap was just ground down to fit through the sprocket. Sounds a lot easier than my approach, but I wanted to try the makeshift fix anyway. Whatever bike you choose, Happy motorized biking!

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