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Default Hi all. 1st post and looking for advice.

I probably should read through all the threads as I am sure I could find my answers however I am little excited here and want to get moving. First, I am 40 and live in a coastal beach resort in NC. My wife and I try to ride everywhere and love biking. I have been thinking about getting a motorized bike for a long time and am ready to pull the trigger.

These are my questions.

I have a thick framed Trek, will there be any trouble finding an engine for this?

I really donít know too many differences between the 2 stoke and 4 stroke but I can say that I am not overly concerned with speed, 25 mph is plenty for what I am doing. I am concerned about the noise level. Which engine is going to make the least amount of noise?

Which engine is the most reliable?

This may seem silly but I really donít like the large gas tank, do they make after market tanks that are smaller in size?

I guess I would like my bike to continuing looking like a bike as much as possible. I figure the more it looks like a moped, the more I may have encounters with the law.

Are they hard to assemble?

I will stop here for now but I do appreciate your help in advance.
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