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Default Am I looking for the right things here?

Going around to look at a few stuff. I was wondering on everyones thoughts on what I currently have picked out. I want to make sure this part of the process goes smoothly lol

I looked at some kits from spooky tooth and so far the only one that stikes a fancy to me is the Venus model. I plan on going with the HuaSheng 142F 4G Bicycle Engine option that they have. However, this option is rope pull, Maybe there is a way to change this? And if not, is there a better alternative 4 stroke that isn't rope pull? I've heard very mixed [mostly negative] things about rope pull in general, kinda got me worried. Nonetheless, I'm going for the 4 stroke, I was going to do a 2 stroke for my first one but the whole 'mix your gas with your oil' part got to me. You know, Murphys Law and all that jazz [or jive, depending on who you ask]. I thought it'd probably be best to start with a kit first since I don't quite understand most of the finer points in building yet.

I need to do a bit more research on shift kits but from what I already read everyone seems to like them.

Another thing that caught my eye was this SPROCKET ADAPTER Is something like this worth it or should I keep to the standard mounting techniques?

I also plan on getting panniers, waterproof of course. The weather here gets kinda [read: very] questionable at times.

The lights are probably going to be the only area I'm knowledgeable in lol. Bike Lights * Wheel Lights * Spoke Lights * by MonkeyLectric These are the hm.... 'show lights' for the bike. I like the style, kinda reminds me of those really cool yoyos that have the flashing light patterns whenever it sleeps. Oh but wait! there is a small problem, these lights are fine as long as the bike doesn't go over 30mph. With the configuration I'm aiming for, this is a bit of a problem. The only way to get around this is to hardmod the case for the lights and make the entire installation more secure. Also the accelerometer within the lights [assuming they have one which it should] may/may not be yet another problem. The batteries are going to be eneloops. Don't have to worry much outside that since the set up is waterproof. I plan on getting four of them. two on each wheel. While this is good enough for lighting in general [I heard 'high efficiency' mode is really bright, while 'high-brightness' mode is equal to staring into the sun] I still plan on getting front and rear lights since the show light are just for show.

sorry for the wall of text.

Is there anything I might be missing here?
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