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Default Re: Ideal combination?

Originally Posted by rkw View Post
I bought a motor (jet 68cc) and now need to get a bike. But I have a couple of questions.
Is a steel frame mandatory or can I use a newer, fatter alumnium one?
Is it advisable to get a multiple speed bike or to keep it simple?
Is it easy to add disc brakes?

I am an old guy who sees $10 a gallon gas coming, and wants to prepare.
And this might be a lot of fun.
I look foreward to meeting folks on the forum.
You can mount an engine to just about any kind of bike. For simplicity though, a steel frame makes things easier, at least it did for me. I would have had to drill a hole in my aluminum Trek for my build, and aluminum frames can crack easily, so I opted not to do that. The steel framed Diamondback didn't need any drilling whatsoever, the stock engine bolted right on.

I'd say keep it simple (i.e. single speed). Mine is a multiple speed bike and I was ready to rip the damn deraileur off and throw it across the garage during my build. But we took our time and got the drive chain mounted with the original multi speed manual mechanics intact.

Don't know about the disc brakes. I still have the stock brakes on my bike.

Hope that helps!

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