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Hi All,

Im new to this, but i've been wanting to build a gas powered bicycle for a while.

Im not a mechanic, I guess im a tinkerer, but I do have friends who are mechanics who already agreed to assist me.

My original thought was to build an OCC Chopper with a 2 Stroke, but from what i've been researching online, it may be a little tough for a first build.

Alternatively, with the thought of being durable and ease of build I thought of building:

a. a Worksman Industrial Newsboy with a grubee 4 stroke w/ generator, or
(I love the thought of 11 guage spokes, and beefy drum brakes)
(buuuuut it seems like you may have to cut the frame and do custom work, and highest cost)

b. a Grubee GT II bike with a grubee 4 stroke w/ generator
(I love Dons "plug and play bike" with built in tank and rear tire/hub designed for installing gas engines - HD hub, sprocket for motor, and disc/belt brake for 3 brakes total)
(buuut the spokes are a liiiitle thinner, 12 guage, and the other 2 brakes are v calipers)

On a very long longshot, after my first build, i'd like to sell the bikes here in North/ and Central Florida.
As i'm not a mechanic or a metal fabricator, so I guess the install would have to be a bolt on, test and go.

Thank you in advance for your help and comments.
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