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Default Re: Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame?

Aluminium frames are made of very thin walled tubing that have potential to crack if receiving a crush point from excessive calmping force from U-bolts.

My bicycle frame is aluminium and i've modified the U'bolts that came with the SickBikeParts shift kit to spread the load over a wide area, avoiding the possibilty of point load pinch force, but the same principle aplies to the standard Chinese engine kits.

These photos show the end result of my next door neighbours attempt to fit an engine kit to his aluminium framed bike.
I gave strong words to be exceptionally careful when fastening the clamps, making him fully aware of how thin large diameter aluminium frame tubes happen to be.
Needless to say, he crushed and split the frame tubes of his bicycle.

A steel frame is my personal preference, even though my bike has an aluminium frame for reasons outlined below.
The problem though with a steel framed bicycle is that they are placed in the lowest price category, so you can't get a steel framed bicycle with mounting lugs for I.S. brake calipers and disks.

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