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Default Re: Neons!!!

I know this is a somewhat of an old post but it brought back the kid in me!! LOL.

Back when I was a Soph in HS (4 yrs ago or so)My mother decided to buy me my red chopper that Im slapping a motor on. Well, I was alot onto the car scene and had some Green LEDs, Blue neons and strobe lights.

I made them ALL work with just 2 9V rechargable batteries. Worked great and kept the lights on for 3 whole nights before having to recharge.

At this time ALL lights, except for the green LED's are gone. And the green LED's are currently on my black motorbike, running of a 9V batteries. The LED's are meant for cars.

Once my chopper is done, some nice RED neons are going on. everything running of the engine.

Nice job with the neons tho!

How often do you have to recharge the battery?
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