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Default Re: Newbie in Arizona

Originally Posted by 2dawgs View Post
Congrats on your first build. You are so right about the vague "directions".

A word of caution: I believe the AZ law pertianing to motorized bicycles does not permit anyone under age 18 to ride in the bike lanes. However, I think it's permissble to ride off-road under 18 with parental supervision. Not an expert in this area, just don't want to see you hassled by the authorities.

With that said, PM AZBill he is our resident expert on AZ Motorized Bicycle laws.

Whatever the outcome, nothing is better than sharing a common interest with you son.

Can't wait to see your build and wishing you much success on your next one.
Well, we can always plead ignorance the first time and probably get off with a warning. He won't be riding without me, because these things simply go too darn fast.

Besides, he looks 18 - he's 15 1/2 and already taller than me, LOL.

Picture of the bike is up on the Mountain Bike forum. It's the Diamondback Wildwood thread.

Fun to ride, but 4 hours a day (2 there and 2 back) is a bit much for me. I think I'll ride it to a bus stop and take a bus from there each day, otherwise this thing's gonna leave me achin'.

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