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Default Re: BUSTED!!!! (again) getting out of it.

Right there with ya brother, and I've seen to many lives destroyed by their BS. They allow the bank to literally rape us of our money and homes, as well as I had a hearing with a **** landlord whom refused to fix my heater. Here in Oregon it is renters law that **** has to work, ya know why, because the SOB wouldn't fix my heater and my dishes were frozen in the sink that is how cold it was. Yeah I refused to pay rent until it was fixed, he attempted to sue. We met a mediator and we could have went to court except o yeah that would have cost me 2 grand to defend my case, when this dirty bastard coulda just fixed a heater. Yeah I didn't have the money up front so I lost by default......WTF? So he couldn't sue me but I have an eviction on my record?
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