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Default Re: BUSTED!!!! (again) getting out of it.

There was a time when having mechanical prowess and the spirit of invention was received with adulation and/or respect. Now it seems the nation is embarked on a mission to keep the populace dumb and be nothing more than "buy it off the shelf" consumerists.

Step out of line and think for yourself? Or worse do it yourself? We'll have none of that American spirit here! It honestly sickens me. Trust me I am doing everything I can to keep this brief. A nation that signs off it's industrial base and scorns problem solving in the private sector is doomed. What was it that propelled Americas boom years? Industry, an educated populace, and the elbow room for entrepreneurs and inventors to think outside the box.

"We're sorry Mr. Wright, that airframe does not meet code 6859 section C"
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