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Default Re: BUSTED!!!! (again) getting out of it.

Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
The law has to stop enforcing stupid ass laws like this and worry about what matters this is America the problem is Complainers vote alot so our whole society has been racked with this plague of uneducated decisions made by morons with nothing better to do then complain! I am done with the Law! Not my MB's, they steal from the poor to feed the rich this country has been infiltrated by greedy european influence once again and needs to be changed. There is only one way like the hydra you must severe all heads at once or the beast still lives. Problem is all us comfy americans are to chicken **** to do anything about it!
AMEN.....! God Bless and God Bless America, which used to be the land of the free and now has become the land of the license, the permit, the tax, the inspection, and the permission slip for anything we want to do even on our own property, rapist, drug dealers and murderers rome freely up and down our streets and the law is worried about one of us good guys or gals enjoying an inexpensive form of transportation, that takes a car of the rode and saves fuel which for the most part get bought from our enemies over seas.....OK I'm done just had to vent a little here.

Shan in the Lone Star State

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