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Default Re: How does the clutch and lever work?

Originally Posted by Dougan View Post
lol, too late, curiosity killed the cat. I took it off. I probably will have to tune the clutch when I get everything complete, eh?
clutch is easy to adjust, once you get everything else hooked up.

best way i've found is;

with the set screw out and the flower nut loose, pull in the lever on the bars and screw the flower nut in by hand till it gets hard to turn. then, release the lever and roll your bike forward.

you want the wheel to be grabbing, not rolling free. then pull the lever in and see if the wheel rolls free.

you'll probably have to tighten and/or loosen the flower nut a few times, about a 1/4 turn each time, till you find the sweet spot for your motor.

the key thing is you want it to grab hard enough to start your motor, without dragging when it's released.

then screw the little set screw in and you're set.

while you've got the cover off, get some "Plasti-Dip" spray paint and give the inside of the cover a few thick coats. that'll cut down a lot of noise. 'cause if you've never ridden one of these before, you're gonna think you messed up the clutch and there's nuts and bolts rattling around in there as soon as it fires up. besides the exhaust, that's probably the noisiest part of the motor...
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