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Default Re: Motorcycle style saddle on bike

I don't know. I've put a passenger on a little goped sport before and it was pretty uncomfortable, but it worked. And those motors are only like 23cc.

I've also had 2 passengers (total of 3 people) on a 49cc china scooter moped thing, but that had a CVT. But you also have to consider the fact that it was a 4-stroke (less powerful motor) and the thing weighed around 150 pounds, way more than these bikes weigh.

I'd guess that the feeling would be like constantly going up hill when using the 66cc, which for all of you who have one know that it's not too bad. Going uphill would be like hill climbing on a 48cc. BTW I'm comparing it with a 44T sprocket.

Starting from a stopped position might be a little quirky...
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