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Default Re: model airplane engine?

If you don't want a broken heart, and just want to ride the sucker, get a roller drive kit, and a 52cc weeder engine from the sights they list for about $120 (motor).

The model airplane idea is fascinating, but the only one I've seen work so far used a propeller and didn't have a lot of power to move the rider. It was loud and expensive and burned a lot of fuel.

Originally Posted by 10cc View Post
Hi..Newbie from Seattle. I like long walks on the beach and maybe motor bicycling.

I DO NOT want a big HEAVY 49-66-80cc engine, NOR super heavy batteries.

I would like to use a model airplane engine and use it for hills and industrial areas, etc..

I would like my bike to be as light as possible.

Can this work, is there a thread. What else do I need besides properly mounting the r/c engine with sprocket and chain. Do I need a clutch, a trannie- or could I just slip the chain on and off the sprocket? I just want some very simple- I turn it on and ride!

Thank you sirs!

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