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Default Re: BUSTED!!!! (again) getting out of it.

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
These things are totally illegal here in Ahia.

Though I was born in Mansfield Ohio, I spent a good many years up in Cleveland Ohio (where grown men have been KNOWN to ride pocket bikes in the streets. Particularly in more "lived-in" areas of Lakewood and on the other side in Euclid. They don't get much more than foul looks from neighbors. Are you certain that ones with a 49 cc engine are illegal to the letter? Now, granted, Cleveland cops may well have bigger fish to fry, especially in the second district, but where you are in Ashtabula I kinda think it may just be a cop who has gotten it into his head that "you don't belong on the street" with all the "motorists". Please, I'd hate to see you give up hope until you know for certain whether this really is the lost cause you take it for. Research the Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws and see if at least the 49 cc jobs are permitted. I know in Indiana that they do not permit a motorized bicycle's engine capacity to exceed 49 cc, but the funny things is: NONE of the police or Sheriff's deputies who see my bike on any sunny day of every week right here at the City-County Building have EVER asked the displacement. I approached them with the attitude that I wanted to travel and park legally and asked them to advise me. They did so and, when done doing so, promptly seemed to lose interest in me. They like the bike though, and guard it as one of their own.

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