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Default Bike running fine then quit!?! Suggestions?

Hey Guys,

Looking for a little help here...or at least a few ideas from more experienced MB'ers. Yesterday I had been out with my friend (whose bike I help build) cruising for around 25-30 minutes when his bike unexpectedly quit running out of the blue. When I went to inspect it (he had already loosened the spark plug boot) I noticed the female housing had fallen out. I rode to my house and grabbed my old spark plug boot (i replaced mine with an NKG so I had an extra) and replaced it thinking this was naturally the best place to start trouble shooting (after checking gas)...nothing. Here is a list of other areas I have inspected.

*Checked Carb to make sure it was opening and closing properly which it was.
*checked air filter for possible clogs.
*checked all wire connections.
*replaced spark plug
*drained carb to make sure gas wasn't flooding or pooling and to make sure all petcocks were properly functioning and gas was getting to engine.

I found a decent size hill so I was able to coast the bike with the clutch disengaged to turn the motor and fiddle with all levers and still...nothing.

The bike is only two weeks old and I know nothing about other CDI's other than how to mount and attach wires but what is the probability that the unit is malfunctioning? we had been riding the bikes wide open when the incident there a chance it overheated and shorted out? Do those things (CDI's) even short out?

losta newbie questions...any help would be great. Sorry for such a long post.


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