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Default Re: Saddle Bags?

Great idea's everyone thank you! OK so I am pretty much interested in everything I've just read. So my feedback is that number one Material won't be as much of an issue as just the designs themselves so the forms can be built. I'm definitely intending most if not all of my bags to be waterproof so count on that in the testing and design considerations. I will do more research into the material functions. But even with fabric that's not waterproof i can devise a waterproof inner liner.
BA, that is a sweet idea! I know exactly what you mean, consider it one of the first for sure. I want those on my bike! also as an internal feature there can be a metal frame that when the bags are extended folds out on the bottom using internal nylon straps for better load bearing capabilities!? It going to be all about the options with these being focused at the motorized bicycle community, I think keeping everything customizable as possible is key. So I will offer all designs in multiple color options. Also how bout little tool bags and options suited specifically for MB's. I also intend to make a line with tail light, and battery compartment options built in.
Keep the ideas rolling. I will be moved in on the first of this next month will start work on forms as soon as we get settled in a little. Thanks guys.
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