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Default Re: Motorcycle style saddle on bike

Mounted the Tomos seat today, but sorry I don't have access to the camera. One thing I'll tell you if you try and use the bicycle seat's mounting bracket is that sitting back on the seat puts a lot of strain on the bicycle seat springs, so much that they crush. Since the point of the seat is obviously so you can sit back, the mount goes near the front and this puts a lot of leverage on the springs when you sit back.

I extended the bracket with some 1/4 inch mounting hardware I found for something else. The seat now has the springs at the rear but the you run into another problem. The springs still like to crush a lot (but not nearly as much as before) and the bottom of the seat makes contact with the seat post. It's almost like you have to keep your balance on the center of the seat post (in terms of left to right, front to back it holds fine). This effect also likes to bend the original bicycle seat mount a little (gotta remember it's just made of some mid-range metal wire), and when you get off the bike you'll notice the seat is crooked and looks silly.

So my solution would be to use a total of 4 springs to support the rear of the seat. Two near the center just behind the post, and two in the extreme rear. Just ordered a $15 seat off ebay & plan on ripping the springs out of that & using them. Hopefully that'll keep it a little better supported and distribute the weight a little more evenly through the mounting system.

I'll post pics when I can. It looks almost like '70s style moped. Totally worth doing if just for the cosmetic effect.

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