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Default Re: Maine / Holland question.

Hello Mem,
Welcome to the forum. I'd also suggest the 4 stroke even though I use just 2 strokes. I think you will have less maintenance/ tinkering with the 4 stroke setup. Initially it will cost you more, but since you are not mechanically inclined the four will give you more of a get on it and go type of ride. I'm wondering if one of the four stroke vendors could send you an assembled bike, even a used one they have that has proven it's reliability. Another possibility would be for one of the forum members in your area to build a bike for you using the bike you choose and the engine you prefer. I wonder if there is an EZ dealer anywhere near you? That Qmatic looks pretty bullet proof and buying from a dealer would give you someone to come back to if any problems develop. I'm guessing the dealers BarelyAWake mentioned do 2 strokes, but they are sure worth checking out. One of them might be willing to do a custom build for you (I don't mean fancy or anything... just the bike and drive system of your choice if it is 4 stroke. I wonder if a 24" bike would be a better size for you. It would leave less room for the motor, but put you closer to the ground. Good luck and please let us know what you do.
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