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Cool Re: How Long has it taken?

let's see. 4 months to learn to read Chinese. Another week or so hanging out at schools waiting on the right bike, I like black 3 weeks to install it, no wait 5 weeks to install it. The muffler was pointing toward the back axle. Hmm, no wonder the chain was not long enough! Had to correct that. I tried to kick start it, but that didn't work. The boys hit the seat and it took two weeks to walk again. Pulled it to the curb and the next day it was gone! But the next day it was back with a note from the city that said "Even we have standards". So after that I got it started and rode almost a block before the chain came off. The pills the Doctor prescribed me help a lot. I ride it almost every day. But now I can't seem to get enough Fried rice. Good luck
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