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Default Re: The perfect list....needed...

I don't know boys that list has more change this and change that on it than I'm willing to do or wanting to do or need to do. I don't change any bolts, nuts, washers, cables, plugwire and boot and loctite only a few nuts. Being over heavy on tightning things will make any connector fail and pulling off the head will darn sure give you a leaking head unless you have a replacement headgasket. Most of the gaskets are of poor quality but will work I will make patterns out new unused china gaskets and use my home made ones but. but I think use what ya got before you reinvent the kit. The kill switches have never gave me any trouble and I did replace the stock wire connectors as they are not the best, but gee Wally all those parts that they send with the engine kits whats a guy to do with them?
I don't agreee with this list but that is my 2-cents.
If I was a neebie I'd not want to buy one of these for fear it would self destruct after reading that list.
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