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Default Anyone know where to get steel 16" Mags?

Put a Tomos front wheel on my bike to temporarily replace my flat front tire, and fell in love with it. The brakes are amazing and the weight of the bulky wheel & tire dramatically reduces handlebar vibration and that feeling like your bike is going to flip over backward if you go over a large bump while leaning back. Plus the thick tire puts such a nice buffer between you and the road, it's amazing.

Problem is, now the bike looks quite strange. 16" in the front and 26" in the back. The rear Tomos wheel will not fit the bike as it's too wide and the sprocket almost makes contact with the frame. The chain actually would grind against it if I were to install it.

So I figured I could just get a rear mag 16" coaster brake rim for like a kids bike. Problem: Kids bikes seem to be made with plastic rims. Anyone know of a way to get a steel mag rim of that size? I'm sure I could come up with a way to mount the Tomos sprocket to it, as it keeps a reasonable gearing ratio with a 16" rim.

I'm not expecting it to match the Tomos one, just the fact that it would be the same size, mag, and I can paint it to match would be a big improvement.
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