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Default Re: Saddle Bags?

A thought...

I got a set of el'chepo "schwinn" panniers from wallyworld and after about 5000 miles of general use & abuse... well... I've mixed feelings about 'em lol but they've taught me quite a bit.

First off - they're ugly ofc, but w/e, that bike was jus' a grocery getter anyway but the saddlebags were awesome in that each would hold about the same as the standard large brown paper bag... not so awesome in that there was no way to collapse the saddlebags for when they weren't stuffed fulla bachelor chow - and THAT just sucks. Doing a couple of GPS runs with the bags out (but empty so no weight), then a couple with the bags all strapped in flat (w/bungees = ugly & a pain) and I wasn't suprised to find there was about a consistent 3mph difference (wind drag). A Harley may not care about drag - but our bikes sure as heck do. Not to mention my heels would hit the bags while pedaling - which is fine if I'm on a cargo trip, not so good all the time.

So my thought would be to make optional an "expandable" set of saddlebags, much like the better laptop cases that have a zipper going from the top of one side, around the bottom and up the other - unzip and it expands to twice the width or more - zip it up and it's flat(ish) against the bike. With the zipper recessed it wouldn't affect the looks, but it'd sure be handy... I'm actually on the lookout for a set of matching laptop bags in "plether" for my vintage ride, but there's a conspiracy afoot and they've all disappeared to be replaced w/nylon only grrr...

/end frustrated rant
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