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Default Re: Centrifugal Clutch Option?

You start the engine with the manual clutch pulled in, then after its running and you want to move release the manual clutch,now when you stop you dont have to pull the clutch in, til youre dine riding it, then i usually would pull in the manual clutch, so that the next time you start the bike it wont take off on you.

Im not sure how hard it is to install,mine came with one installed but i always still pulled in the clutch,sure made mounting the engine hard and had to change the peddals to short ones and mount engine alot higher.

If i knew what i do now,I wouldn't have got a engine with pullstart or centrifugal clutch due to the need for special peddals and they make the engine alot wider on both sides.

If you're at a stop light, you don't have to hold in the clutch cause it has a locking lever.

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