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Default Roadie Build

Hi! I'm new at this. I have posted a couple of times but I have some questions. I tried to attach pictures to a message with no success. I could use some help. I have my bike built and rode it for the first time today. First it idled high, then it ran with the RPM's going up and down with the throttle in one position. It dosen't take throttle but just a little. My bike has the carb with the petcock on it, where should it be turned to during operation? By the way it is a 66/80cc Skyhawk engine. I tried adjusting the richness by moving the clip up and down with no real change, The clip is back in original position. While riding, fuel drips from the carb. I read in the directions how to check retainer clip on the needle valve but I havn't checked it yet.
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