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Default Re: carb float level and other carb issues

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
If ya shut off the gas at the tank and she runs better, then you are effectively lowering the fuel level inside the float bowl as the engine consumes the fuel.
This leads me to believe that you have a too high of a float setting.
I don't know what kind of carb you are talking about, but as rule of thumb, I set float heights to 1/8 inch or 2mm below the gasket surface when I am repairing a mystery carb.
it is this style carb

I had an nt on it and just bought this for cheapness

thanks for the float height spec . i cant see me trying to move it a piece at a time . also i swpaaed out my old nt needled and it didnt wor cus the new carb has a nonger needle (fuel shut off needle) anyways i guess i'll fornicate with it tomorrow
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