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GReetinGs eveRyone! i am new to this foRum and wanted to intRoduce myself. fiRst off, you'll notice that i only capitalize the letteRs "R" and "G" because those aRe my initials. anyway, i have a huffy 357 (chRome), bka the jesse james oR west coast choppeRs bicycle. i bouGht it bRand new fRom walmaRt in 1999. i assembled it and have only Ridden it twice. i also bouGht the west coast choppeRs officially licensed iRon cRoss miRRoR (black), iRon cRoss pedals (black), and license plate (chRome), made by bell. i chose this model because my fRiends weRe all buyinG the schwinn stinGRay and i wanted to be diffeRent. i plan to use this as my daily commuteR foR the 10 mile Round tRip to and fRom woRk. i am waitinG foR the GRubee skyhawk 48cc kit (black) to Get back in stock, befoRe i staRt my build. Gasbike told me mid-june oR july. i am planninG to use an enGine mount fRom manic mechanic, a bullet headliGht w/ visoR (chRome), makinG the tank on the bike functional, and mountinG 2 speedometeRs (kmh and mph) just to have symmetRy on the handlebaRs. who knows? i miGht Ride thRouGh canada oR euRope one day. Rotflmfao (2nd f = filipino). i can't wait to hit the asphalt and join the Rest of you Road waRRioRs. Go GReen!

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