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Default Carb weirness...

Went on a nice long ride yesterday after work, so long that I actually ran out of gas and had to use my reserve bottle to get home. Within a mile or two of stopping to fill up I totally lost power and the bike was acting like I'd run out of gas again. I reached down, closed the choke and the motor picked up a bit. I opened the choke, pulled in on the clutch and the motor revved right up and started running perfectly again. About ten minutes later it did it again and I cleared it up by just pulling in the clutch and going WOT for a second then it ran great the rest of the way home.
The whole episode was a little unnerving since I was about 15 or so miles from home when this all happened.

It's weird because I know it's not a problem with gas because I filled the tank and spare bottle at the same time but the problem happened right after I put in the reserve gas.
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