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Default Re: Greetings from League City Texas

Hi Couchpotato,

I'm new here. Your post is the first I've read.

I've been bicycling for years and years, but I my e-bike knowledge is pretty limited. My goal is find a way to put 300 watts of solar panels to work and enjoy the free ride.

I live north of Dallas a few miles, a transplant from the northwest by way of Arizona...the source of the panels I dragged with me.

Originally Posted by CouchPotato View Post
Hello All,

Hopefully I've gotten into the right spot for introductions...

I became a born-again bike rider because of the price of gas, but what happened was I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it as a kid. And the new bikes are amazing! I'm building up to the point where I can commute on my bike to work, thereby eliminating the need to ever buy another car. For me, that's a 30 mile round trip. Pretty bold plan, eh?

I fervently believe in the future of the motorized bicycle technologies I've seen on the internet, but I have yet to be able to talk with anyone who had first-hand experience with it. I would sure like to hear from enthusiasts in the Houston area. For that matter, dealerships or distributors. I'm the kind of guy who has to research, see and feel before moving towards being a full-fledged fanatic. I look forward to what I expect will be an enlightening experience!
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