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Default Re: triple fire plug, etc

Ok, been doing some research, on alternative plugs to the NGK BP6HS that we seem to commonly use.

Cross reference part numbers and equivalents.

NGK BP5HS = Denso W16FP-U or Denso Iridium IWF 16 = Bosch W8B or W8BC or W8BP = Champion L92Y
NGK BP6HS = Denso W20FP-U or Denso Iridium IWF 20 = Bosch W7B or W7BC or W7BP = Champion L87Y
NGK BP7HS = Denso W22FP-U or Denso Iridium IWF 22 = Bosch W5B or W5BC or W5BP = Champion L64Y
NGK BP8HS = Denso W24FP-U or Denso Iridium IWF 24 = Bosch = None......................= Champion L61Y

Unfortunately, neither Denso or NGK manufacture a supplementary gap spark plug (multi pronged) to suit a 12.7mm thread reach.

Might have to update with some more manufacture cross references.


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