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Default Re: Newbie in Arizona

Originally Posted by AZMotorbiker View Post
Excellent, thanks! My father's been tearing apart engines and putting them back together since he was 12 so I'll be in good hands.

Let me ask you this: How fast does it go? I'm reading about bikes going 25-35 with that motor. That's pretty quick! My (now my wife's) Aowa e-bike tops out at 20 and poops out after 25 miles so I'm looking forward to something a bit zippier and that can go farther.

Well Im 6/2 and pusin 230 and I can cruz at 27 to 28 all day. Top speed for me is about 34/35 that is on flat road. Hills are tough on that little motor. It aint no motorcycle but it is a kick in the pants to ride. If you need a riding partner give me a ring.
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